Thomas Clement

Fashion + Textile Design


The crash was a fictional memory which felt very real to me, a brutal impact that can only be admired. Was it a materialisation of my deepest fears or an empathic vision of a system crashing? The car is the symbol of freedom that embodies the desire to go further but the crash is never reaching your destination. I imagined the accident as an out-of-body experience: it is the end of a story and my mind takes a step back to admire the impact and the journey made. My pieces are inspired by the projects I had to complete during my BA. I failed most of them, which makes it ironic to take them as a starting point. The metaphor of the car is literally present but also findable in the patternmaking, shoes... It is important to me to tell my story through the fabrics, and I tried to subtly include the crash in my textile development and techniques of upcycling, like the resinated tights to evoke the broken windows, aluminium bonding on leather or gauze rolls patchwork into a fake luxury woven cloth.

Thomas Clement, born in 1992

Photos ©Noemi Ottilia Szabo

Behind the scene

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