Livia Rita

Fashion + Textile Design

CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS — how to become an otherworldly revolutionary

Creature Metamorphosis — How to become an otherworldly revolutionary is a collection by Livia Rita embodying the desire and hunger for new ambitious identities which urge us to rethink notions of beauty, gender and nature and their interrelation. Developed together with FUTURA game cards, it embraces the complexities and multiple layers of identities that are not represented in our society. We grasp towards the future. We create hybrid spaces, skins that let us feel differently and allow us to enter imaginary worlds that are simultaneously real. Inspired by textures and patterns that nature has to offer, as well as by mythology and sci-fi, Livia Rita experiments with materials to create armours to protect, to manipulate bodies — to allow us to become ourselves, detached from normative expectations. In developing ideas as well as in making, Livia Rita centres sustainability and questions fashion’s fast production processes — with the ambition to change the ways in which fashion is consumed.

Livia Rita Heim, born in 1991

Photos ©Toma, ©Nina-Maria Glahé, ©Hannah Grüninger, ©Cédric Zellweger, Julia Hovve and ©Livia Rita

Behind the scene

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