Julia Seemann

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In Bloom

In December 2019, Swiss fashion designer Julia Seemann published a statement on Instagram in which she stated that she no longer believed in the biannual fashion calendar and is searching for new ways to present and distribute her projects independently of the established fashion system. This statement appeared when nobody expected that the crisis we are facing today would develop on this scale, necessitating regulations on social distancing, the cancellation of all events and the shutdown of stores worldwide. Both the designer’s attitude towards the fashion system and its processes as well as her urge to convey new values to society in connection with consumption have never been more appropriate than today. Julia Seemann’s recent collaboration with photographer and friend Jean- Vincent Simonet offers a well-curated range of handcrafted garments and accessories including pieces made from damaged second-hand clothing as well as from leftover scraps of fabric from the project.

Julia Seemann, born in 1990

Photos ©Jean-Vincent Simonet

Behind the scene

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