Sébastian Gross

Graphic Design


Loveway is a collaborative project. It is a cyberspace that unifies a space for interaction, sharing and communication. The installation presents spectators with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with, learn about and understand the other side of the phenomenon known as “broutage” (a term commonly used in Abidjan to denote internet scamming). The documentary that is broadcast in this cyberspace presents the theme of “broutage” as a social, political, cultural and economic phenomenon that produces subjectivities. The hypothesis of “broutage” is intended as a process of reparation with the goal of rebalancing the asymmetries linked to colonialism, in a world where inequality still thrives. During this immersion, the visitor has the opportunity to interact with different protagonists of the project through live sessions. This virtual exchange aims to re-establish dialogue in a benevolent setting and to allow an understanding of the other’s life experience. This project highlights the individuals mainly affected by these issues by giving them the opportunity to speak. Loveway tackles different themes such as the informal economy, the libidinal economy, the colonial debt, colonisation, immigration, sovereignty, and the fantasy of an ideal Western life.

Sébastian Gross, born in 1989

©Sébastian Gross

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