Lou Rais

Graphic Design

EASA 1981–2020, A Continent to be Shaped

EASA is a decentralised and non-institutionalised architecture school based across Europe. Perpetuated by voluntary work, EASA has been a forefront alternative education network since 1981. At its core is the annual workshops gathering. Each event brings together more than 600 participants from all over Europe to a specific place and theme carefully chosen by the organisers.

A Continent to be Shaped looks at the roots of the workshops: the pedagogical assignments. The book features more than 700 assignments collated and transcribed for the first time. These texts stand as precious artefacts of educational ideologies created for a specific area. The book explores the nomadic nature of EASA by using the map of Europe as an editorial tool to arrange the texts in geographical order, provoking radical encounters. To extend and re-activate EASA’s ephemeral quality, none of the initial constructions are shown. Instead, an iconographical sculpture provides a modular schematic collection of the workshops.

Lou Rais, born in 1997

©Lou Rais

Behind the scene

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