Graphic Design

"Self Identities", les Urbaines 2017–2019

The visual identities for the multidisciplinary festival Les Urbaines are conceived as a three-year ensemble (2017–2019). The festival communication takes the form of printed and multimedia supports responding to each other. The management sees the visual identity as an artistic contribution to the festival and its programme.

The commission given to us is a carte blanche that reflects the spirit of the festival: free, experimental, hybrid and inclusive. Following these principles and with the aim of representing multiple identities, we experimented with unconventional digital tools, animation and automation processes that allowed us to shape mutating visuals, new and intriguing forms. The letter “U” defined as the main symbol of the festival creates the link between each medium and each edition, thus forming the basis of an identity that is both recurrent and changing.

Eurostandard continues to work on commissioned design projects, mainly in the cultural field. The collective develops specific tools or means of creation to respond to each commission in a unique way. This identity approach pushes us to look for creative projects with a wide range of applications.

Ali-Eddine Abdelkhalek, born in 1989
Pierrick Brégeon, born in 1986
Clément Rouzaud, born in 1988

Photos ©Camysterz and ©Eurostandard

Behind the scene

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