Lina Müller

Graphic Design

Illustrationen Reportagen Magazin

Within the broad range of her work as an illustrator, Lina Müller particularly highlights what she does for Reportagen, the bimonthly “independent magazine for narrated present. Outstanding authors report from this world in exciting reportages”.

Elaborating image ideas for complex, peculiar and unfathomable topics such as a disturbing court case in the Hudson Valley, a sugary love story in old age, funny Stalin fantasies caused by schizophrenia or dubious gambling business around the German-Czech border offers a challenge that Lina Müller enjoys dealing with. Her interest lies in exploring visual boundaries and advancing into an augmented reality. Normally working on two images per text and with each issue being two-colour printed — a specific Pantone colour along with black — the illustrator is in contact with the magazine designers Moiré Grafik, who grant her a great deal of artistic freedom. All illustrations are built up in a fluent interaction between handmade acrylic painting and digital processing.

Lina Müller, born in 1981

©Lina Müller

Behind the scene

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